Hamura Zoo


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I went to the Hamura Zoo on last Friday.
There were many cute animals. I was looking forward to see a giraffe because I knew that a baby of giraffe was born in last December. Of corse I could see it! The baby was boy. He was shorter than his parents, so he was so pretty! And his name isn't decided yet and I could choose and vote from some candidate. The candidate is "Koterou","Tyatarou","Seishirou","Shouta" and .... I forgot the other name. I voted "Kotarou". I'm looking forward to be decided it.
And I could have a contact with marmot and chick. They were so cute!! I can't beleve chick become chicken!
I also gave bait to a goat,penguin and monkey.
The day, There were many children. They came in an excursion. They seems very enjoy and their conversation were so interesting. Their words were honest and wonder.
And the most interesting animal was Hamadryad ("Mantohihi"). He look like an old man.

I was really enjoy, and I want to come again.

drinking party with my friends


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I went to drinking party in Tachikawa with my friends and teachers who went to New zealand together.
I really enjoyed this party! Becanse we had not met for two weeks.
We talk too much about many things. For example, lots of memories in NZ, what did we do after arrived Japan and what do we think about ...love !

We all can't forget NZ!! so We often taik in English, but only very eary words,"thank you" "excuse me" "please some Chopsticks!!" etc..
It seem to be stupid, but we enjoyed very much!!

I think that go to eating dinner or drinking party with them.

It's been a long time!


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I went to New Zealand for a month and joined in English language program.
In New Zealand, I went to Massey university with my friends(about 10 students).
The language class had many national students. For example, Japanese, Korean, Soudi Arabian and Taiwanese!
We could talk about many things in English. I can't speak English very well, so It was difficult for me. But We can became good friends. Even now (in Japan) We have communication in Facebook (like a mixi).

And My hostfamily are really wonderful people!!!!
They are so funny and kindness! And children are very active and so cute!
I'm really happy. I'd like to go back NZ.
They also take me for many famouse places and hostmother's friend's wedding.
I could have a lot of experience. I thought I'm really lucky.
I'm very happy for meeting them.

I can't write here because I had so much memories.

Thank you very much for everything.

I think My English have many mistakes.
So I think I study English more.