The new term started(from 9th April)!


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I was given a space in my college to painting.
The space is very small, but It made me happy^^ I can paint everytime!
So I paint in oils lately. When this work of arts was finished, I will carry its photograph on here.

I visited my grandmother with my family today. Today is her birthday!
We went to have a UNAGI for dinner. Though She got sick, She was full of energy today! I'm very glad to look that.

I have to wake up at 6:00 a.m.! And I'm sleepy..
See you~~

I'm very happy now!


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I sent e-mail to my host family and my Korean friend!
I couldn't reply for long time (about 1 mounth), so I'm relieved.

My hostmother already reply and tell meabout many things.
My hostfamily are very kind.
I really love them・・・!!!